Arch5710 Project 06
With this image, I took the original image representing consonance and gave it a warmer hue throughout. By doing this, the scene becomes warmer, and by painting in an orange color using masks, the upper parts of the waterfall begin to have a dreamy feeling
With this image, I wanted to change the saturation to give the rotunda a heavier appearance. I chose to desaturate the whites in the image to eliminate the blue cast from the sky. This allows the building to contrast more with the blue sky. I also desaturated the brick tones under the pediment, to give the whites an almost ghostly appearance
With this image, I wanted to emphasize the dissonance of the image. I chose to do a black and white color mask to highlight the tension by isolating the flower in color and turning the background and foreground to greyscale. This allows the physical tension to be highlighted between the plant and the spider web. I also brought up the saturation in the colored portions to create a high contrast between the color and the darker areas of the image