Arch5710 Project 07
With this image, I chose to use the window to frame the approaching helocopter which due to the angle, creates a feeling of consonance. In order to achieve this, I removed the backround of the window and kept the foreground, inserting the second image behind.
With this image, I wanted to convey a sense of dissidence through the calmness of the photo. The broken bottle, half broken in the sand sits embedded like the rest of the rocks. I chose to bring in the dragonfly inorder to give the bottle a sense of lightness.
With this image, I chose to frame a consonance shot within an interior space. By doing this, it appears the space inside is close to flooding, evident by the gushing water flowing out of the pipe. The backround appears to be a solid concrete wall behind the water, creating a sense of pressure in the image.
With this image, I combined two dissidence shots to create a more monumental photo. By inserting the larger waterfall behind the small one , a cascade is formed, enlarging the scene. The waterfall in the rear is framed by the trees in the foreground, creating a sense of order througout.