David Reis

ARCH 5710 Project 7

This image combination shows consonance. It was created by combining two images taken of the same subjects with different depths of field. One focused on the tree, while the other focused on the wooden bench in front of it. When combined, the in-focus tree and wooden bench come together to show the singularity in where they both came from.

This image combination shows dissonance. It was created by combining two images taken of the same band with a dynamic environment. The band had a fog machine behind them along with a light that changed colors. This produced very different images from the same shoot. When combined, the images display their sharp differences caused by movement of the musicians and the change in color.

This combination was created by combining a night image of a landscape in San Diego with the moon of another similar image. The images were combined to mimic the look of a time-lapse series of shots while using only one image. Layer masks allowed the moons to look as though they were behind the trees in the original image - giving the look a legitimacy.

This image combination was a fun one. It is a combination of images I shot at an aquarium of a small hammerhead shark and a very scared looking fish. I duplicated the image of the shark into the background of the image with the fish to give it the appearance of being in the same tank as its unfortunate lunch. Noise and scaling was used to make the image look realistic.