Elizabeth Zachman Arch5710

Here, I combined an image of my shadow on carpet with an image of the rotunda to sreate a consonant image that looks as if I am looking at the rotunda, with my shadow projected in fromt of it

Here, I combined a shot taken in my bathroom mirror with a shot taken from the top of culbrith garage, which is just in fromt of my apartment building. It is taken in the same direction as my mirror is facing, so that if my mirror were a window that could see past culbreth garage, this is the view it would provide, creating a consonant image.

Here, I combined a shot of my camera's reflection in a mirror with one of a tangle of grasses to create a dissonant image that shows the confusion and distortion of reality that can be created by a camera

Here, I combined an image of fresh flowers with an image of fungus growing on bricks to create a dissonant juxtaposition between the aging and crumblng bricks and the growing flowers