Karen Chen ARCH 5710
Image 1a: The original image presents the sharp earphones against the blurred background. The image is enhanced by its composition- the earphones placed at two thirds vertically of the layout and the background horizontally divided into two halves.
Image 1b: The curve is adjusted to enhance shadows and bring focus to the earphones in the foreground. The adjustment gives the image a warmer but darker color tone and thus creates a gloomy mood.
Image 1c: The curve is adjusted and the exposure is increased to enhance highlights and weaken shadows. The background is blurred and the earphones are sharpened to bring focus to the foreground while creating an illusional effect.
Image 1d: The curve of the image is exaggeratedly adjusted to result in this dramatic reverse of color tone. The glowing blue of the earphones distinctively stands out from the darkened and unrecognizable background, which, unlike the previous versions where the background is rather neglected, has an interesting glowing effect that catches one's eyes.