Karen Chen ARCH 5710 Project 6
Image 1: Hue
The image is brightened and curve-adjusted to change focus to the foreground by revealing much more details in the flowers and plants. In terms of hue, red is lowered and yellow is increased to balance out the excessive contrast in color that was visually too forceful.
Image 2: Saturation
The background of the image is greyscaled while the bike, which is the focus of the image, remains in color. The saturation of the bike is raised by increasing the red, yellow and cyan values to give more color dynamics that enhances the motion of the bike against the still, greyscale background.
Image3: Any Color Properties
The image is brightened to bring out the contour of the wire pole in the foreground, which enhances the dissonance of the chaotic wires. The image is also curved with the red increased and blue decreased, giving the warm color on the clouds and creates a sunset effect.