Karen Chen ARCH 5710 Project 7

Image 1: Transparent Overlay

This combination creates a predominantly dissonant image where the withered leaves is interrupted by the chaotic and irregular pattern of the tree branches in the background. The image intents to show a transformation of season and time, as well as to imply the inevitable destiny of life in nature.

Image 2: Element Insertion

The dreamcatcher and the distant view symbolizes one's unreachable dreams while the indoor space enclosed by the glass windows symbolizes the reality of people seeking their dreams. The contrast between the greyscaled and the colored parts of the image implies the disparity between one's expectation of the dream and the merciless reality.


Image 3: Frame Insertion

The perspective of the image with the endless path gives a strong sense of consonance. A small object such as the withered leaf is often unnoticed in the narrow alley. Yet, almost creating a visual illusion, the leaf is intensionally oversized to catch the viewer's eyes and emphasize its value.


Image 4: Transparent Overlay

The image of the irregular plants overlayed on the dusky scene of the moving van creates a second setting that juxtaposes with the hardscape setting of the road, street sign and fence. It intends to portray the van travelling simultaneously in landscape and hardscape.