The designed character is reflected in how a person chooses to be in the space. Designing with only a singular purpose in mind provides limited range in when, how, and why people visit and remain at a particular location. Those that provide opportunities for choice in occupation allow for a space to be occupied during and for a broader range times. This series of photographs attempts to capture how this activity can be observed. Studying spaces around Charlottesville which reflect both conditions of singularity and multiplicity in occupation. John Paul Jones Arena and the City Market represent locations and spaces that have heighten occupation at very particular times for speicifc purposes, but which also stand empty for the majority of the time. The Downtown Mall and The Lawn represent areas that have been left open and in many ways unprogrammed allowing visitors to occupy the space as they wish. The original images were shot with long exposures, and the final photos were created through layering of photographs from multiple times of day to show change through time. The final height of each image grows as the range of occupation increases from location to location.