Marissa Sayers ARCH 5710 I  Project 7
With this image the consonance and dissonance of the image is established with what a crashed car and an ambulance represent in the aftermath of an accident. By adding the image of the little girl within the reflection of the van windows, the solemn tone established by the crumpled van is enhanced.

With the original image of the little boy climbing the tree, I was using scale to show the consonance of the storng stable tree against the dissonance of the small rapid movements of the little boy. By putting the sandy texture in at such a large scale, this enhances the contrast between the environment and the smallness of the boy.

The original image captures the children in their movement across the open landscape. Their bluriness stands in contrast to the still environment around them. By overlapping the image with the color palette of the image of spray paint on mulch, the movement of the children is highlighted by the streak of red.

With the original image of the column capital in the garden, the goal was to represent consanance and dissonance through the contrast of the heavy iron capital with the lush, softness of the surrounding garden. With the addition of the second image, the colors of the original are inverted. This highlights the contradictory relationship between the object and its environment.