Self Portrait Images: Overlay

Nick Shafik | ARCH 5710

Bright Sunday

This image is meant to be a vignette of my early morning routine. My self-portrait casts a shadow onto one of my most important morning rituals: making coffee. The "place" image is a snapshot of plants on my windowsill reaching for the bright morning light. The aim of the combined image is to layer these two moments visually -- aligning them in space, time, and feeling.



This combined image focuses on the interaction between different but related subjects. The background image, of a glass skull, is reflected as a hollowed version of the other subject, a bright pink skull. The layering of colors and textures is meant to higlight the complementary nature of these two objects.


Mom's Plant

The central focus in this image is on the unique and hidden colors that arose when the two images were combined and the subjects' symbiotic relationship. The first image - of a split-leaf philodendron - represents an object with its own story that, like the image, dissolves into a shared story. The second image -- of my feet -- symbolizes the symbiosis that exists between human and plant.