LOCAL COLOR: Changing Perception

Nick Shafik | ARCH 5710

Crown Jewel

The color property of focus in this image was Hue. Though the main operation was only a subtle reddening of the yellow tones in the image, there is an intensity and brightness that comes with that hue that completely changes the feel of the photo. A more orange output rather than the low-contrast yellow provides a more interesting tonal range in the image and greater visual interest.


Animal Farm

This image focuses on localized saturation. By desaturating all but a few distinct colors in the image, there is an overall brightening effect and the attention of the image becomes a narrow range of texture and color. By keeping colors in the image that neutralize each other, there is a balance achieved between reddish/brown tones and the vibrant greens of the alligator toy.


Brazilian Amethyst

This photograph combines a few color operations that create a very different feel from the original image. First, the increased contrast between shadows and highlights creates a starry effect with small, nearly blown-out spots scattered across the image. Second, a more saturated and slightly redder output in the smaller rock formations creates visual interest and variation, where before these elements faded out of focus.