IMAGE COMBINATION: Consonance + Dissonance

Nick Shafik | ARCH 5710

Consonance 1

This image uses frame insertion techniques to combine a dynamic and organic pattern with a static portrait of an inanimate object. The thinkinb behind what makes this image consonant is twofold: the final image appears nearly seamless and its focus is still at the center, typical of a classic portrait. Obscuring the bright blue eyes of the background image with this complex pattern adds visual interest in the photo will preserving the consonant qualities of light, color, and focus.


Consonance 2

This image takes consonance to a more symbolic level. Using overlay techniques to combine a human profile silhouette with the distinct and recognizable pattern of animal fur creates a tense juxtaposition between expectations and reality. The surprising seamlessness with which these photographs combine is what creats its consonance. Despite coming from different species, the animal fur and human face seem to be natural complements.


Dissonance 1

This more haunting image uses frame insertion techniques to juxtapose subjects, space, scale, and light in a dissonant fashion that intrigues and confuses the viewer. The unexpected scale of the skull in the window disorients the frame and challenges the expectations of the photograph. An inexplicable light source creates different tones outside the window from inside the dimly light staircase. These visual effects of manipulating scale and light create the dissonant qualities in the final photograph.


Dissonance 2

This final dissonant image uses a combination of frame and object insertion to create a photograph where scale, color, setting, and story are all obscured. The mismatched saturation between the mask and the eyes is meant to disorient the viewer and create tension between background and foreground. Likewise, the nearly unrecognizable light bulb filament in the eye socket is scaled in a discordant way, hinting at some kind of spatial manipulation. The illogical combination of elements without a clear story or message is what I believe makes this photograph dissonant and disorienting.