Me Time

This photograph is a visualization of the egocentric culture that rampant consumerism has bred. The constant buying and selling of commodities elevates materialism above other human needs and desires. Form has, in many ways, trumped function and led to bizarre interactions between humans and objects: exemplified here as an intimate, yet exhibitionistic moment in time, this photograph alludes to a sentiment wherein self-obsession is inevitable and all-encompassing. All things in the world become a reflection of ourselves.

Likewise, Barbie's distant gaze and familiar orientation (replicating that of Image 1) recall the fascinating theory of the Uncanny, where the human form is both familiar and unsettling, coming from a hyper-real replica of life. The lifelessness of Barbie's eyes, the frozenness of her gestures, and the flawlessness of her physical features all contribute to the duplicity with which we view this product. Here, she is both relatable and completely unreachable.

Original Image 1