Hello, Goodbye

The final photograph of this series seeks to underscore the ease and rapidity with which our interest in commodities fades -- only moments after the novelty and beauty of Barbie has passed in the first images, she is represented here as a casaulty of boredom and fickleness. Her familiar frozen form reappears as a cry for help, rather than a relaxed and natural stance.

The brief yet storied life cycle of our products follows a temporal arc much like the viewing of this project. Seconds -- perhaps milliseconds -- after viewing each image, our desire to move on to the next is powerful and nearly universal. This type of interaction -- hurried, highly saturated, and fleeting -- is transpiring right now with commodities in every corner of the globe. In this project, Barbie's fast-paced but ultimately shortlived lifespan becomes a microcosm of our worldwide penchant for consumption, a veritable zeitgeist of our generation.

Original Image