-- Nick Shafik | ARCH 5710

Conventional Sharpening

Unsharpened Image Unedited Image 1 Unedited Image 2

This image uses conventional sharpening methods to highlight the strong, high-contrast edges in the image and to bring out the detailed and fine textures. The visual effect here is striking, as the edge of the face is made clearer and the fur becomes tangibly sharp. Sharpening this image using conventional techniques of high amount, low radius creates definition between shadows and highlights without over-emphasizing shapes.


High Radius, Low Amount Sharpening

Unsharpened Image Unedited Image

This image uses High Radius, Low Amount (HIRALOAM)sharpening techniques to bring out the color gradient and highlight the unique and varied shapes throughout. Sharpening this image using the HIRALOAM technique creates greater depth and brings out contrast between adjacent shapes and colors. The overall effect is subtle but emphasizes the textures and tones in the image.