A Delicate Balance
Arch 5710 Photography and Digital Methods
Nicholas Darin
This photo essay contains a series of close-up photographs of my bicycle. The images make use of long-exposure photography and explore ways of using photography and light to demonstrate the juxtaposition of static and dynamic elements. Efficiency is a priority when designing a bicycle. The ability of these machines to function with so few parts in such delicate configurations is quite remarkable. The idea of spokes the same diameter as tooth-picks that can come together and hold riders that weigh well in excess of 200 pounds at speeds in excess of 50 mph is incredible. These photos compositionally abstract these components and highlight the spatial juxtaposition of moving and non-moving parts. The photos also manipulate our perception of scale by making these smaller parts have a large presence compositionally in the photos. The use of dramatic lighting and monochrome effects help the photos read as works concerned with shape, composition and movement.