Nick Darin 5710 Photography & Digital Methods Assignment 04
Person-Place Portrait
Original Image 1_A Original Image 1_B Original Image 1_C Original Image 1_D This image combines multiple places with one portrait and is arranged compositionally as a dynamic piece suggestive of my theme. The subject of the photo is at the cross roads of all these different elements, in the middle of an open gate which is being penetrated by an open road.
Person-Object Portrait
Original Image 2_A Original Image 2_B This image is composed in a way in which suggests the marriage of man and machine. It appears the man is resting and enjoying a moment along his ride before he ventures back out down the road into the unknown that is life.
Object-Place Portrait
Original Image 3_A Original Image 3_B The image resulting from the photoshop operations illicits feelings of freedom and discovery. The image is suggestive of a road trip through the countryside. The main theme with this series of images is that life isn't about the destination, it is all about the ride .