The conception of this project began with an interest in double exposure techniques combining multiple images in order to create something entirely unexpected. Contrary to traditional notions of photography, the creative process with this strategy actually begins after the photos have been taken. Having once attained an inventory of images, those individual components become the basis of experimentation. This project is about the visualization of inner complexity within people. By combining portraiture and landscape, specifically different types of foliage or lack thereof, the project creates a series of alternative portraits that speak to that layer of complexity beneath outward appearances. To best express that intent and to maintain a holistic coherence to the project, the overlays are limited to trees because of their complexity in composition, form, color and light. Through much experimentation, I found that the portraits overlaid with tree textures were the most compelling and could most accurately recreate the subtle nuances and complexities found in people. While maintaining the series as a set, I also wanted each portrait to be unique in its own regard. Thus each portrait emphasizes a single color—green, red, yellow, and white—in order highlight the unique complexity each individual has.