Tony Zhang ARCH 5710 Project 7
Element Insertion (Consonant): In this image, I inserted the leaves ground into the first image to replace the grass ground, the viewer is very likely to view the combined image as a single scene.

Element Insertion (Dissonant): In this image, I insert the photo of a shoe on the floor to another image of some dry leaves, creating a frame that looks like the shoe stepping is on the leaves.

Element Insertion (Consonant): In the original photo of Runk Dinning Hall, the sky was too dull and the building was too dark, so I took a sky from the picture I took on a sunny day and insert it into the image. I brightened up the image to show more details in the dark area and also match with the clear sky.

Transparent Overlay (Dissonant): In this image, I combined two photos using blend mode and transparency, one image depicts green leaves while the other depicts withered and yellow leaves. The combination creates a dissonant feeling due to irregularity of objects and the large contrast of colors.