ARCH 5710

In this group of photos I want to explore the essence of the focus in photography. The brain plays a very important role in the process of focusing on the human eye. The brain merge the two different images come from two eyes, and removed a large number of interference information, this eventually reached the focus of our eyes. From this point of view, the essence of focus is the reduction in the amount of information. While we use the camera to shoot, regardless of whether the camera is correct focus, it is the same amount of information stored. Or we can say the camera’s focus is fake. When we assume that the camera is the eye of machine and the computer is the brain of machine. I begin to think about if we could do the focus in a digital way, a true way. By post processing, reduce the amount of information in the digital way.

Also, we often think of the photos as a return to the real world. However, The lens would lead to a distortion of scene, and the white balance would have error. The essence of the photo is the reconstruction of the real world, it means it would have different to the real world. Through this way, to emphasize or exaggerate the different part, to emphasize the essence of photo.