{per┬Ěcep┬Ětion} {a way of regarding, understanding, or interpreting something; a mental impression}

Tensae Woldesellasie

People perceive things differently based on their culture, background and experience. Perception is also affected by mood and circumstances. This is also true in photography; all this thing affect how we look at a particular image. In this photographic essay each image represents a particular emotion(feeling) however, this is open to interpretation. People might engage with each piece differently and have their own interpretation. As a curator of this photographs I will explain my interpretation of each piece and I welcome the audience to do the same. Even though each piece has its own meaning, compositionally all the pictures work together. What unifies them is their interplay with light and shadow. And they are always present in the pictures creating a layer between her and the audience. For me this is what makes the pictures enigmatic and it makes them open to different interpretation.