CURRICULUM VITAE                                                                                                                                                                                                     

Craig Evan Barton                                                                                                                                                                                             



                                                            Design Studio, Urbanism

                                                            Architectural Theory, Cultural Studies



       1982-85                                     Master of Architecture (1985)                      Columbia University,  New York, NY

                                                                                                                                            Grad. Sch. of Architecture, Pres. & Planning

       1973-78                                     A.B.,     Semiotics (1978)                                 Brown University, Providence, RI

       1975-77                                     B.F.A., Photography (1978)                           School of Visual Arts, New York, NY


          6/1/00-Present                       Associate Professor of Architecture, Director American Urbanism Program

                                                            University of Virginia

          9/1/95- 6/1/00                         Assistant Professor of Architecture,

                                                            University of Virginia, School of Architecture                                                            

          6/1/90 - 6/1/93                        Director, The Shape of Two Cities:  New York/Paris Program,

                                                            Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation, Columbia University, NY

          6/1/90-9/1/92                          Director, Columbia College Undergraduate Architecture Program

                                                            Columbia University, New York, NY


            1995-Present                       Society of Architectural Historians

            1993-Present                       National Association of Minority Architects                                                                                                                


          2002                                         Faculty Fellow Univ. of Virginia Center for the Study of Local Knowledge

          2001                                         Bruner Foundation Urban Design Award Juror

2000                                         White House Task Force for Liveable Communities

          1998-2000                              University Teaching Fellow, University of Virignia

          1994 - 1995                            Loeb Fellow, Graduate School of Design, Harvard University          

          1996-1999                              Board of Directors, Society of Architectural Historians                       

          1992 - 1995                            Editorial Board, Journal of Architectural Education        


          2003                                         “If the Walls Could Talk What Would They say?”, essay in forthcoming anthology, Shotguns, David Brown and William Williams, Eds.  Rice University Press.

2002                                         “Urban Memories”, essay in forthcoming National Endowment of the Arts anthology, Shelley Mastran, ed., published by Princeton Architectural Press (Fall 2002)

2001                                         “The Memory House”, Project Rowhouse Galleries, Houston,TX

          2000                                         Sites of Memory:  Perspectives on Architecture and Race

          1996                                         A Marriage of Partnerships”, Practices 5/6

RESEARCH (Selected)

          1998-2000                              National Endowment for the Arts, Mayors Institute for City Design

          1997                                         Graham Foundation for Advanced Studies in Fine Arts

          1996                                         Associate Fellowship; Institute for Advanced Technologies in the Humanities, UVa

          1996                                         University Seminar Research Grant: The Mnemonic City: Urbanism and Cultural Narrative in the American South.                               

SERVICE (Selected)

          2001                                         ACSA Topaz Medal Juror

          1997-98                                   National Meeting Chair, 1998 ACSA Annual Meeting, Cleveland, Ohio

          1995-Present                         Graduate Admissions Committee, School of Architecture, Univ. of Virginia.



                                                            New York State Architectural Registration Pending


          1995-Present                         Principal;  RBGC Associates, Charlottesville, VA

                                                            Selected Projects: National voting Rights Museum, Selma, AL

          1989-1995                              Principal;  Rowen + Barton, Associates, New York, NY             

                                                            Selected Projects: Caplan/Wagner Residence, New York, NY         2,500 sq. ft. loft renovation.           

          1987-1989                              Designer, Project Architect;  Skidmore, Owings & Merrill, New York, NY

                                                            Selected Projects: Zeckendorf Realty; 145 East 87th St. New York, NY  Residential Tower