Education: B.A., Princeton University; M.Arch., University of Pennsylvania

Background: Robin Dripps teaches within the studio design sequence and lectures on architectural theory. Educated at Princeton (B.A. in architecture) and the University of Pennsylvania (M.Arch), she has been writing and lecturing on the structure of myth as a fundamental basis for architectural form. This work has been published recently as the book The First House: Myth, Paradigm, and the Task of Architecture.
Professor Dripps' work in urbanism has been focused on understanding the political, poetic and physical relationships between the American town and the natural world. Her research and teaching are concerned with how we reveal and make manifest both natural and constructed sites that effectively accommodate and represent the values we hold towards our political structures and our idea of nature. Professor Dripps also teaches a seminar on the relationship between the idea of an architectural work and the details that give evidence of its intention. Additional research includes work in digital moviemaking. The architectural work of Ms. Dripps has been exhibited internationally and has been published in leading architectural journals.


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