Robin Dripps + Lucia Phinney

Land form sculpture and waterworks

Over the last three decades a major part of our design research has taken place on a large tract of land in Batesville Virginia. This has become a laboratory to test out ideas of design and fabrication at the scale of furniture, building, and landscape. These images represent work undertaken over the last five years with the help of Ryan Hughes.


Porch-scaffold: Constructing a microclimatic layer between house and land

Terrace room

Detail of sill that collects roof water


Adjustable agricultural shade cloth

Hypostyle garden


Bioremediation canal and South porch

Upper level of South porch

South porch and stair to weather observation instruments


Detail of column Column base Water cannon and shade cloth roof Hypostyle garden trellis upper level View through trellis to garden Scaffold and detail of cable support Cable support Intersection of grating walkway and column Hypostyle garden roof Within the upper level of scaffold-porch Detail of upper cable attachment assembly Detail of lower cable attachment assembly Acrylic roof panels, water cannons, and reflective shade cloth Looking south within the scaffold-porch Bridge gallery with lighting and hanging system for map collection Living room Wood stove with counterweighted, telescoping chimney Custom pulleys at top of chimney Steel, glass, and aluminum staircase Detail of balustrade assembly Dining room and exterior wall of kitchen Detail of adjustable support assembly for steel, glass, and aluminum table Kitchen Library Interior of drum Attic stair and pulley-operated iris roof panels of drum