Jason Kreuzer
NIMSC (Not In My Student Center):
An Off-Campus Student / Local Community Center in Allston, Massachusetts

Master's Thesis, Harvard Graduate School of Design (Spring 2001)
Advisor: Richard Sommer

This project attempts to reconstruct the social identities of a neighborhood and
itsdiverse constituencies by introducing a hybrid typology of semi-autonomous
parts. Properties of social structure define an architectural language, relating
individual cells to variable collective spaces through active boundary conditions.

Rethinking the Surfaces of Modernism:

Harvard Graduate School of Design (Spring 2000)
Advisor: Sheila Kennedy

This project critiques the standard practices of interior construction,
transformingthe typical drywall joint from a moment of camouflage into one
of discontinuity. The profile of each joint - generated by the differing ways in
which two standard panels can meet-is deliberately dealt with to link form and performance through infrastructure, surface tactility, and light.

Tudor City Residence: Existing conditions and intervention

800 sq. ft. apartment renovation in New York, NY, completed 1998
Lead Designer, with James Harb Architects

A series of claustrophobic spaces is understood here as a singular, open space.
An existing chase wall in the kitchen becomes a pivotal site of overlapping volumes
and materials, allowing space and light to rotate freely around it.

Tudor City Residence: Interior perspective

Lawyers' Office

2,000 sq. ft. office space renovation in New York, NY, completed 1998
Project Architect, with James Harb Architects

Visual layering subdivides an existing loft space into a series of semi-private spaces, while still maximizing natural light and views.