Education: B.A., State University of New York; M.Arch., University of New Mexico; M.S., Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Ph.D., Harvard University

Background: Earl Mark serves as Director of Computer Technologies within the School of Architecture, and as Associate Professor of Architecture. Prior to this appointment, he was a lecturer at the MIT Department of Architecture, a senior teaching fellow at the Harvard Graduate School of Design, and a visiting lecturer at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, ETH Zurich. He holds a Ph.D. in Architecture with a Minor in Cognitive Science from Harvard University, a Master of Science in Media Technology from the MIT Media Lab, a Master of Architecture, and a B.A. in Architecture and Mathematics. In Spring 1998, Earl Mark was the Thomas Jefferson Visiting Fellow at Downing College and a Visiting Associate of the Martin Centre of the Department of Architecture at the University of Cambridge. Mark is also actively involved in private practice part-time at Johnson, Craven, and Gibson Architects in Charlottesville.
Professor Mark is responsible for directing the development of computer based curriculum and facilities. He teaches, performs research, and has published in the areas of computer aided design, digital moviemaking and animation, and design research.