BIS Blended Learning Project

The goal of the BIS Blended Learning Project is three-fold. Its first goal is to help BIS faculty members understand the potential of blended learning. The second goal is to support faculty members as they integrate e-learning elements into BIS courses. The final goal is to enhance the overall learning experience for both students and faculty.

News, Updates & Upcoming Events

A few words from Charlotte Matthews about blended learning

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  • Blackboard Training: Contact Elizabeth Fanning or Glenn Kessler for upcoming training dates
  • January Teaching Workshop at the Teaching Resource Center
  • BIS Online Writing Center is now open!
  • Ready to start blending e-learning technologies into one of your courses? Contact Glenn Kessler ( Training, instructional design and technical support is available to any BIS faculty member interested in enhancing a course with any of these technologies
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Introduction to
Blended Learning

Introduction to Blended Learning
A quick introduction to the what and why of blended learning.

Webcast Overview of Blended Learning
Glenn Kessler

BIS Blended Learning:
Hightlights and Challenges

UVA "New Horizons" Conference Presentation, Glenn Kessler

Blended Course Development Guidelines & Precepts

Sage on the Stage: Personal Thoughts on Learning
Glenn Kessler

BIS Blended Learning Project Plan (Phase II)



Student Technology "Get Acquainted" Sessions

Training & Support Information

First Time Elluminate Users

Participant Orientation
(5 minutes)
Moderator Orientation
(19 minutes)

First Time Elluminate Users

Elluminate Live! Training
Technical Support:

Basic Blackboard Troubleshooting

Elluminate Live! Webinars:
Advanced Blackboard Training:

Elluminate, Gradebook, & Video

Journals & Wikis


Information & Resources

Series on E-Learning:

BIS Blended Learning Classroom Enter our Elluminate Live! Blended Learning Classroom for webinar, "get acquainted" sessions and other blended learning events.

Blended Learning Project Schedule

Blackboard Technical Support

Streaming video information

Configure RealPlayer

Other Resources - Links
Select "Blended Learning-Resources"

UVA "HigherED" Web 2.0 Project
Ed Berger, SEAS

UVA Teaching Resource Center



Samples &
Best Practices

Blended Learning Project: Model Elements

Minds, Machines & Human Nature: Sample Webcasts & Video
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BIS Blended Course Blackboard Sites
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Username: gpk2n_student
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Sample Technology Backup Plan

Blended Course Syllabus Template



The Blender Newsletter

Issue #1 - January 2007
Issue #2 - February 2007
The Instructor Perspective
Issue #3 - March 2007
The Instructor Perspective
Issue #4 - April 2007
The Student Perspective
Issue #5 - October 2007
Blended Learning Webinars

Issue #6 - November 2007
The BIS Writing Center
Issue #7 - December 2007
Blending Basics
Issue #8 - January 2008
Online on Grounds




Blackboard Training: Contact Elizabeth Fanning or Glenn Kessler for training dates in December and January.



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