Elluminate Live! Setup

This web page will help you prepare your computer for our Elluminate Live! sessions. If you have further questions contact gkessler@virginia.edu.


Set up
Elluminate Live!

  The first step is to prepare your computer – the one you’ll be using for your BIS courses – to run Elluminate Live!. Elluminate Live! is a collaboration tool that will allow you to meet with students and instructors via the web.

Headset with microphone
To fully participate in an Elluminate Live! session, your computer must have either

  • a soundcard with speakers and a microphone or
  • a headset with an integrated microphone

(See below for more information about headsets.)

Minimum System Requirements
Make sure your computer satisfies Elluminate's minimum system requirements by clicking on this link:

Elluminate system requirements

Prepare your computer
Make sure you computer is connected to the Internet. Go to the following link and follow the three steps listed there for "First Time Users" (also listed below):

Prepare your computer

Three steps for "First Time Users"

Step 1 - Java software check. This step ensures you have the correct version of Java software on your system. If not you'll be instructed to download the software from the Java website. It's free. The download will take about five minutes.

Step 2 - Complete your setup. You do this by entering an Elluminate Live! test classroom as directed and testing your connection and audio.

Step 3 - Learn more about Elluminate Live!. Listen to a brief 5-minute tutorial for Elluminate Live! participants. Select the "Recorded Introduction" option from Step 3 or just click on this link

Recorded Introduction

You're done! You're ready to attend an Elluminate Live! "Get Acquainted" session.

Additional Information about Headsets

If you are enrolled in a blended course that uses Elluminate, you are required to purchase a headset with a microphone. Headsets with an integrated microphone run from $15 to $40 and can be purchased at Staples, Office Depot, Circuit City, Best Buy, on-line (e.g. www.pcconnection.com) or at any computer or electronics store. If your computer has two adjacent pink and green inputs (in back for a desktop, back or sides on a laptop), you can use the less expensive variety with similarly color coded input jacks for the microphone (pink) and headset (green). If not, you’ll need to purchase a more expensive headset that connects to your computer through the USB port.

If your computer has a built in microphone (as do, e.g., most Mac computers), you will be able to participate in the session without a headset but a headset is strongly recommended for more than occasional use of Elluminate.



Joining an Elluminate Live!

Log into Blackboard at


with your Blackboard user name and password.

Select Elluminate Live! from the navigation bar on the left side.

Click on the link to our Elluminate Live! classroo.

Once you're in the classroom, select

Tools/Audio/Audio Setup Wizard

from the menu bar to check your audio and adjust your microphone and speaker volume.

For the first session, please log in about 30 minutes prior to the start of class. After this, log in 5 -10 minutes before class begins.

Suggested Minimum System Requirements for All BIS Students

BIS students are expected to have home access to an Internet-enabled computer system sufficient to comfortably support the following:

  • Word processing software such as Microsoft Word (preferable)
  • An e-mail system such as Outlook, Yahoo, or UVa Webmail that supports file attachments
  • A Java-enabled web browser such as Internet explorer Mozilla Firefox

A high-speed Internet connection (broadband, network or ISDN), as opposed to a slower dial-up connection, is strongly recommended. A high-speed Internet connection will optimize access to the UVa web learning tools including electronic course materials, the UVa library, Blackboard, Elluminate Live! and Toolkit. A home printer is also strongly recommended.

Students in the BIS program are expected to check their UVa email account on a daily basis for information from BIS staff and faculty members.


Additional Elluminate Live! Information



For information contact:
Glenn Kessler
Associate Director Programs, BIS Program