BIS Blended Learning Project

The goal of the BIS Blended Learning Project is three-fold. Its first goal is to help BIS faculty members understand the potential of blended learning. The second goal is to support faculty members as they integrate e-learning elements into BIS courses. The final goal is to enhance the overall learning experience for both students and faculty.

Download RealPlayer

Test the installation using the player Test Clip below. If you can view the clip, you're done. If not ...

Configure RealPlayer

Open RealPlayer.

On the file menu select Tools and then Preferences from the drop down menu

Select Proxy. All "Streaming Settings" should say "No proxy specified."

If there's a proxy specified, select Change Settings.

Make the change and click OK.

Close RealPlayer and try the test clip again.

RealPlayer Test Clip

Click the start button to begin. You may have to click it twice

Launch in external player










For information contact:
Glenn Kessler
Associate Director Programs, BIS Program