BIS Blended Learning Project


Any BIS instructor who plans to blend e-learning technology into his or her BIS courses should participate in the following training events:

Blackboard Training

  • Part 1: Introduction to Blackboard ( Elizabeth Fanning, 2 hours)
  • Part 2: Blended Learning Workshop ( Elizabeth Fanning, 2 hours)

Optional: Blackboard 101 for Blended Learning (asynchronous online)

Introduction to Blackboard sessions will be offered in December, 2007 and January 2008. Blended Learning Workshops are offered on an as needed basis. Contact for details

Elluminate Live! Training (Click here to register)

  • Part 1: Getting Started with Elluminate Live! for Moderators (live online, 1 hour)
  • Part 2: Next Steps with Elluminate Live! for Moderators (live online, 1 hour)
  • Part 3: Moderator practice session (live online, 30 minutes)


Instructional design support is available to any BIS instructor who has completed the appropriate training. Elizabeth Fanning, our instructional design associate, will work with BIS instructors to conceptualize, design and set up their Blackboard sites, help repurpose existing content for the blended environment and provide blended learning consulting and support.

Advanced Elluminate Live! training is available from Elizabeth Fanning and Glenn Kessler. Glenn Kessler will also function as the first-line Elluminate Live! technical support contact for BIS instructors elevating problems to Elluminate Live! technicians if necessary.

Blackboard technical support is available from the SCPS Educational Technologies Helpdesk at

Phone:  434-982-5258

If you have questions or comments at any contact: