Equal Partners in Discovery

The "Equal Partners in Discovery" Program at UVa has been renewed by the Arnold and Mabel Beckman Foundation for another 3 years, 2016-19! See our application for the 2016 Scholarships.

A remarkable opportunity

The Equal Partners in Discovery program at UVA will provide annually one or more $19,300 scholarships to highly-talented, research-oriented students who will work in select mentors' laboratories for two summers and the intervening academic year.

A unique goal

We aim to promote a professional level of scientific achievement during the undergraduate years by pairing students with proven mentors, providing financial support, sponsoring travel to national scientific meetings.

The Beckman Foundation

The goal of the Arnold and Mabel Beckman Foundation is to advance the education, research training and personal development of excellent students in chemistry, biochemistry, and the biological and medical sciences.

Our current Scholars

Caroline Kerr

Ms. Caroline Kerr is mentored by Cassandra Fraser of Chemistry. Caroline is working to develop a new class of nano-scale oxygen sensors that can be directed to any tissue she desires. These new oxygen nanosensors, it is hoped, will demonstrate their usefulness by imaging oxygen in cancerous tumors and other tissues.

Yi-Ting Liu

Ms. Yi-Ting Liu is mentored by Dr. Jay Hirsh of Biology. Yi-Ting is working to understand the biological clock – our internal rhythm of sleep and arousal. Specifically, she is studying where in nerve cells the neurotransmitter dopamine is located, and how that location is tied to the biological clock.

Daniel Naveed Tavakol

Mr. Naveed Tavakol is mentored by Shayn Pierce-Cottler of Biomedical Engineering. Naveed is studying pericytes – cells that surround the endothelial cells that line capillaries. He is working to understand whether pericytes can change into smooth muscle cells and in doing so contribute to the growth of new blood vessels.


Kitter Bishop

Kitter Bishop

Kitter Bishop is the Program Coordinator for our Beckman Scholars. Write to Kitter with questions about submitting your application, or about events like the Annual Banquet.

Email Ms. Bishop

William Guilford

Will Guilford

Will Guilford is the Program Director for Beckman Scholars at UVA. Write to him with questions about the program, support for current Scholars, or general inquiries from the press.

Email Dr. Guilford