Kinemage Programs :

Kinemages can be viewed and manipulated using the programs MAGE and PREKIN, either on PC or Macintosh computers. The programs needed for PCs, for example, are:

(For instructions on how to install these programs click on install .)

These files are available from several sources, including the Protein Science (Journal) FTP Server at the University of California, Irvine. There are three ways to contact this server:

By Standard FTP: Send the command "ftp" followed by a carriage return. Log on as "anonymous" using your e-mail address as password. Send the command "cd protein" followed by a carriage return to change to the Protein Science FTP directory.

By Gopher: Send the command "gopher 1071". This will place you at the top of the University of California at Irvine's anonymous FTP directory. Select the item "Protein Science Published by the Protein Society".

By WWW Mosaic: From the Mosaic menu bar, select "Navigate" and then "Files...". You will then be asked for the so-called WWW URL (Universal Resource Locator). Enter the line "gopher://". After you have contacted the Protein Science FTP server, add it to your "Hot List" so that you can contact it later by a few clicks of your mouse.