Biotechnology PhD Training Program



Exciting lay people about your science is important.  The same skill applies to communicating science to scientists outside your field. 

On January 28th ’19, Marlit Hayslett (Director of Communication Training and Strategy, UVa Office of Graduate and Postdoctoral Affairs; LinkedIn) led a training session.  Check out her presentation

BTPer Adrienne Williams has created ‘SpeakEasy’ with meetings in Pinn 7100 every other Wednesday starting 2.27.19 during the Spring.  Meetings continue through the ‘19/’20 academic year in Pinn 3016.

From the Journal of Biological Chemistry, check out: ‘How to best present a quantitative Western blot for publication’

Also from the Journal of Biological Chemistry, tips on abstract writing.

Career talk notes from BTP alum Mike Stadnisky (8.26.19)


Communication Skills

Publication Pointers