Biotechnology PhD Training Program




We require all BTPers to complete:
‘Essentials of Translational Science’ (CELL 8401)
- ‘Introduction to Biomedical Data Science’ (BIMS 8382) or Statistics for Engineers and Scientists (APMA 6430)
‘Research Ethics’ (BIMS 7100).  Note that Research Ethics retraining is required every four years.
- ‘
Effective Science Writing for Grants and Fellowships (CELL 8450) in the Fall of your second year, and that you submit your written proposal to an external funding agency (partial list): NIH F31, NSF GRFP, AHA.  Agencies with emphasis on diversity: Ford Foundation, UNCF/Merck.
- By participating in
BTP Journal Clubs, you complete ‘Biotechnology Research Seminar’ (BIMS 8191/8192)
- The required 2 - 3 month BTP company
externship is credited as ‘Biotechnology Industrial Externship’ (BIMS 8193/8194)

    More information may be obtained in the BTP Handbook.