Biotechnology PhD Training Program




We require all BTPers to complete:
‘Essentials of Translational Science’ (CELL 8401). Below are course elements (see background):

  1.     Research integrity/reproducibility (COS)

  2.     Research integrity/reproducibility (COS)

  3.     Strategies of Design Thinking in Science

  4.     Scientist as Entrepreneur

  5.     Intellectual Property

  6.     Intellectual Property

  7.     Commercialization and Entrepreneurship

  8.     Commercialization and Entrepreneurship

  9.     Regulatory Science and Engagement

  10.     Regulatory Science and Engagement

  11.     Translational Science on Grounds

- ‘Introduction to Biomedical Data Science’ (BIMS 8382) or Statistics for Engineers and Scientists (APMA 6430)

‘Research Ethics’ (BIMS 7100).  Note that Research Ethics retraining is required every four years.

- ‘
Effective Science Writing for Grants and Fellowships (CELL 8450) in the Fall of your second year, and that you submit your written proposal to an external funding agency (partial list): NIH F31, NSF GRFP, AHA.  Agencies with emphasis on diversity: Ford Foundation, UNCF/Merck.

- By participating in
BTP Journal Clubs, you complete ‘Biotechnology Research Seminar’ (BIMS 8191/8192)

- The required 2 - 3 month BTP company
externship is credited as ‘Biotechnology Industrial Externship’ (BIMS 8193/8194)

    More information may be obtained in the BTP Handbook.