Biotechnology PhD Training Program



   A key component of the BTP is the 2 - 3 month mandatory externship.  Externship training can occur at anytime during the first or second year. Externships have been hosted by a wide range of companies in the US, England, Holland and Sweden (see below). Companies contribute in whole or part to externship costs with further support from the BTP.  Please refer to the BTP Student Handbook for details. 

    Externship planning is initiated by BTP students with Bobbe Nixon (LinkedIn).  Bobbe is Development Program Coordinator for BME and runs BME’s undergraduate internship program.  Additional company contact information can be obtained from the University Alumni Career Assistance Network (UCAN), a directory of UVa alumni with their employment and contact information.  Also check out the VABio directory.  The search page for the online directory has a check box for interns.  A newly funded initiative from the Virginia Biotechnology Association (VABio) is the Chesapeake Bioscience Education Foundation that supports summer ‘internships’ via matching funds.  They are interested in collaborating with the BTP.  BTP  Board of Corporate Advisors member Bob McKown serves on the board of  the Chesapeake Bioscience Education Foundation, and can answer questions.  VaBio is directed by Mark Herzog (LinkedIn).  Alternatively, check out this link.


    Upon completing your externship please complete the evaluation form.  We also wish to hear from your company supervisor.  Forms for both are available.

    Below are past and planned hosting companies (42), names of BTP student and training year.  The company list continues to grow as BTP students find companies that match their interests.

Chicago, IL
Joanna Adadevoh (

Amersham Biosciences (now part of GE Healthcare)
Uppsala, Sweden
Antonio Ubiera (
LinkedIn) established a method for measuring protein uptake on various chromatographic media ('02).

Amgen, Inc.
Seattle, WA
Matthew Stark (
LinkedIn) gained experience into the inner workings of discovery research in the Department of Inflammation ('04).

Mölndal, Sweden
Jason Yang (
LinkedIn), Tony Awojoodu (LinkedIn)

Manassas, VA
Daniel Leslie (’08;
LinkedIn) worked on a microfluidic proximal antibody ligation method for ‘bar coding’ antibodies with specific nucleic acid tags.  Also externing at ATCC was Annika Hedin (’09; LinkedIn).

Pasadena, CA
Dan Nelson (

Becton Dickinson and Company Diagnostic Systems (contact Jay Reuben, Chief Scientific Officer / Microbiology, Research and Development LinkedIn)
Sparks, MD
Lorin (Henrich) Bachmann (
LinkedIn) set up a multiplex PCR assay to be used in quality control of BD's 'Phoenix' instrument ('03).

Biogen Idec
Boston, MA
Jacob Jordan (
LinkedIn) studied how structural alteration can improve protein stability ('07).  Also externing at Biogen was Robert Deitcher (LinkedIn).

Hercules, CA
Ernie Perez Almodovar (
LinkedIn) studied chromatographic materials (‘09).

San Diego, CA
Kristina Little ('08;
LinkedIn) analyzed clinical trials and created a biophysical model for the action of neutrophil gelatinase-associated lipocalin, a biomarker for acute kidney injury.

Bristol-Myers Squibb
New York, NY
Arch Creasy (

Buranda, Australia
Celeste Goh (

Dow Agrosciences
Indianopolis, IN
Matthew Biggs (

Edwards Lifesciences
Irvine, CA
Kellen Chen

Entelos, Inc.
Foster City, CA
Rooshin Dalal (
LinkedIn) worked with members of the Metabolism team on a top-down computational project to identify and model critical metabolic pathways involved in obesity ('05).

San Francisco, CA
Michael Smith trained in Mary Gerritsen's cardiovascular research lab ('01).
Matthew Stark (
LinkedIn) was the second BTP student to extern at Genetech. Aaron Bailey (LinkedIn) externed in the mass spec group (’07).

Geosyntec Consultants
Columbia, MD
Meng Wang (
LinkedIn) gained further experience in her thesis area of bioremediation (’07), and was employed by Geosyntec.

GID Group
Mallorca, Spain
Tom Mendel (

Glaxo Smith Kline
Matthew Oberhardt (
LinkedIn) analyzed microarray data sets to identify genes whose expression changes in ageing (’08).

Charlottesville, VA
Greg Faust (

Human Genome Sciences
Rockville, MD
Eric Park (
LinkedIn) was involved with instrument setup for study of cancer drug candidates in the Preclinical Development Department ('01).

Institute for Genomic Research (now part of J. Craig Venter Institute)
Rockville, MD
Michael Smoot (
LinkedIn) developed 'MUMmer', a sequence alignment tool for large genetic sequences and utilized MUMmer to compare bacterial DNA from one of the anthrax victims with the Bacillus anthracis genome sequence ('01).

Virginia Beach, VA
Scott Seaman (

Luna Innovations
Charlottesville, VA
Caren Petrie (
LinkedIn) studied bond lifetimes for applications in controlled drug delivery (’07).  Paul Bonthuis (LinkedIn).

Medlmmune Inc.
Gaithersburg, MD
Jace Fogle (
LinkedIn) studied the utility of ion-exchange purification of a new drug for Non-Hodgkin's lymphoma ('04).  Sarah Johnson (LinkedIn) recently externed in the formulation department and compared results of their high throughput screenin method (‘08-’09).  Now employed by MedImmune is BTP grad Tim Pabst (LinkedIn).

Merck & Co. Inc.
Elkton, VA
Tom Gervais (
LinkedIn) was involved with manufacturing scaleup of the anti-fungal drug CANCIDAS during his externship ('01).

Merck Research Labs
West Point, PA
Tara Tibbs (
LinkedIn) gained experience in the application of polysaccharide modification to vaccine development ('01).

Merrimack Pharmaceuticals
Boston, MA
Millie Shah (

Helsinki, Finland
Kaity Allen (

Nabi Biopharmaceuticals
Rockville, MD
Michael Stadnisky (
LinkedIn) performed animal assays testing Nabi’s new vaccine against nicotine, towards improving smoking cessation (’10).

New England Biolabs
Ipswich MA
Jaymes Beech (

Novartis Institute of Biomedical Research
Cambridge, MA
Alex Baras (
LinkedIn) helped develop computational methods to analyze SNP arrays ('06).  Erwin Gianchandani (LinkedIn) worked in NIBR's Developmental and Molecular Pathways Division on set enrichment analysis in microarray data sets ('07).

Orchid Cellmark
Germantown, MD
Katie Horsman (
LinkedIn) developed a PCR-based forensic assay.  She then wrote the standard operating procedure and quality control documentation  ('04).

Pfizer Inc. Global Biologics
St. Louis, MO
Tim Pabst (
LinkedIn) evaluated the binding and elution behavior of PEGylated protein on anion exchange columns ('06).

Phillips Research Europe
Eindhoven, The Netherlands
Brian Schmidt ('06;
LinkedIn) and Joseph Kilroy (’10; LinkedIn) gained experience in the biochemistry and drug delivery potential of microbubbles.

Protein Solutions Inc. (now apparently part of Wyatt Technology Corp, Santa Barbara CA)
Charlottesville, VA (former)
Larry Lanning (
LinkedIn) worked on the business side of this dynamic light scattering company ('00 - '01).

Surrey, England
Rosiland Mott (
LinkedIn) designed and implemented protocols to screen clonally derived cells for their potential as retinal progenitor cells ('04).

Sapphire Energy
San Diego, CA

Phillip Yen (
LinkedIn) performed systems biology to help select algae better suited for biofuel generation (’14).

Cambridge, MA
Rebekah Neal (
LinkedIn) learned about applications of stem cells at Stemgent (’08).

Tissue Genesis, Inc.
Honolulu, HI
Michelle Kofron (
LinkedIn) worked on TGI's Bio-Optimization System for cell culture ('05).  Emily Cushnie ('06) and Alex Bailey ('08; LinkedIn) participated in adult stem cell isolation procedures.

Berlin, Germany
Glen Hirsh (

UVa Patent Foundation
Charlottesville, VA
Patrick Martin ('01 - '02;
LinkedIn), NSF predoctoral awardee Samantha Clark (’13; LinkedIn) helped on licensing accounts.  This is no longer a training option, as per NIH oversight (exception for S. Clark, as per NSF funding regulations).

Bedford Park, South Australia
Stacey Gorski (