Open to all* PhD students from science and engineering departments at UVa, including mentor labs not currently listed.  Download presentation.

    Mission: (i) train how to be a scientist, (ii) experience 2 - 3 months of industrial science without targeting, and (iii) promote synergy among disciplines through Journal Clubs/Data Sessions, Seminars and Symposia.

    BTP support is for two years after which mentor grants take over.

    Facts: Since 2000, 63 students have trained or are currently training in the BTP from home departments in Biochemistry, Cell Biology, Chemistry, Microbiology, Pathology, Physiology, Biomedical Engineering, Chemical Engineering and Systems Engineering. Among alumni, three are now company Directors (GSK, Amgen & Spectranectics), one a company CEO (FlowJo), two are Associate Professors, two Assistant Professors and one Adjunct.  Others are Group Leaders or Senior Scientists. One is an NSF Deputy Director. Some are currently training as postdocs.  The BTP is one of 19 NIGMS supported BTPs nationwide and the only one in Virginia.

*US citizen or green card (NIH guidelines) 

NIH grant 5T32 GM008715-15




Biotechnology Training Program at the University of Virginia

Open to all UVa Science PhD Students*

Synergy Among Disciplines

Required Company Externship

Support for Two Years

*US citizen, green card; apply before arrival at UVa, or as a 1st or 2nd yr PhD student; Early May deadlineBIMS ‘nomination’ form also needed.


  1. -BTP Journal Club/Research in Progress 9.12.14

  2. -BTP Day of Caring 9.17.14 Preddy Creek Trail Park

  3. -BTP New Student Lunch with Brian Wamhoff 10.3.14

  4. -Video Site Visit by NIH Panel 10.10.14

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