Biotechnology PhD Training Program



   Monthly BTP Journal Club/Research in Progress sessions promote interdisciplinary exchange.  Meetings are held regularly from 12:00 to 1:00 pm on the second Friday of each month  (plus another session some months) through the academic year. Two BTPer's each present for 20 min on their current science (plus 10 min each discussion). The discussion period is an important element.

    Meetings are open to non-BTP graduate students.  Meetings are in Pinn Hall 7100 thereafter. For information contact Sarah Ewald (

    Presenters: For help connecting with flat screen, please contact Regina Seitz (; Pinn 7316). *See instructions from Regina at bottom.

’17 - ’18 Presentations

9.8.17  Jake Wolpe, Faith Karanja (Room 3006; Faculty attendee: Kwon Park)

10.13.17 Nicole Swope, Millie Shah (Room 7006; Faculty attendee: Kevin Janes)

11.10.17 Anna Blazier, Arch Creasy (Room 7100)

12.8.17 Kris Rawls, Jennifer Ortiz (Room 7100; Faculty attendee: Roger Abounader)

1.12.18 Laryssa Manigat (Room 7100; Faculty attendees: Thurl Harris, Kwon Park)

2.9.18 Ali Harris, Kellen Chen (Room 7100; Faculty attendee: Silvia Blemker)

2.23.18 Kristen Fread, Mitchell Granade (Room 7100; Faculty attendees: Thurl Harris, Eli Zunder)

3.16.18 Kelly Drews, Erica Hui (Room 7100; Faculty attendee: Chris Deppmann)

4.13.18 Bruce Corliss, Mahmoud Saleh (Room 7100; Faculty attendee: Melanie Rutkowski)

4.27.18 Elizabeth Herbst, Adrienne Williams (Room 7100; Faculty attendee: Silvia Blemker)

5.11.18 Maria Ali, Lee Talman (Room 7100; Faculty attendees: Sarah Kucenas, Eli Zunder)

5.25.18 Lauren Russell & special presentation from Jim Powers (CEO of Hemoshear) (Room 7100)

6.8.18 Alex Keller, Bryan Chun (Room 7100)

*Newer laptops should try to connect wirelessly (preference of flatscreen):

- Macs will use Airplay > use the apple TV (will show up as Pinn 7100) – if it does not work right away try to turn Bluetooth on and try again.  

- Newer PCs should go to display preferences.  Wait if/until the laptop finds the Samsung TV and then mirror to it or extend the screen.  


As a backup, Micro has a new departmental laptop that will connect to the screen if all else fails (needs to be checked out).

Other notes:

Older machines connect using the HDMI cable (Regina has some adapters). Send Regina an email prior to setup.


Data Sharing Through Journal Club/Research in Progress