Biotechnology PhD Training Program



Company Tours and Externships
- we toured the FDA on 6.14.17.  Past tours have been to Hemoshear, MedImmune, Abbott Nutrition, Pfizer Consumer Healthcare, Merck, ATCC, J Craig Ventor Institute, Va Biotech Research Park, BD Diagnostics, Upstate Biotech, Adenosine Therapeutics, MDS Proteomics

- Over 47 different companies have hosted BTP trainee externships

Individual Development Plan
- each trainee develops an Individual Development Plan (IDP) using the
myIDP template and supporting materials provided by AAAS

  1. -career development needs crystallized by this process should be discussed with at least one of your mentors

  2. -we hold a yearly myIDP workshop in the Fall with Amy Clobes (Director of Professional Development, Office of Graduate and Postdoctoral Affairs)

Leadership Skills
- trainees assume a
leadership role (organization of an annual community service event, seminars, symposia, newsletter editor, company tour, industrial Q&A panel)

Mentoring Institute
- the Institute is a formalized mentoring program through which STEM faculty and doctoral student are paired based on a number of variables reported through an application process.

- Eligible trainees will be strongly encouraged to apply and will benefit from interactions with faculty mentors from other disciplines

Mentoring Team
Having a team on your side is important.  Comprising the core team is your ‘major mentor’ and dissertation committee.  Other mentoring is provided by:

  1. -a BTP mentor in another field (‘minor mentor’)

  2. -the PI of the BTP

  3. -the BTP’s Mary Hall

  4. -some trainees may benefit from supplemental mentoring by a faculty member outside the BTP and field (‘Mentoring Institute’)

Networking and Career Mentoring with BTP Grads
- the BTP is fortunate to have a cadre of graduates who remain engaged in the activities and progress of the BTP

  1. -many have participated in career panels, or otherwise provided some tangible benefit to current trainees

  2. -BTP graduates are available for advice

Presentation Skills
- trainees share data in monthly
BTP Journal Club/Research in Progress sessions

The Mentoring Institute
Career Development, Office of Graduate and Postdoctoral Affairs
Alumni Career Services - UVa

Video - iBiology:
The SARcode Story: How to build a biotech company
‘Planning Your Scientific Journey’


Professional Development Offerings