Biotechnology PhD Training Program



Company Tours and Externships
Merck warmly hosted BTPers on June 11, 2018.  Past tours have been to the FDA, Hemoshear, MedImmune, Abbott Nutrition, Pfizer Consumer Healthcare, Merck, ATCC, J Craig Ventor Institute, Va Biotech Research Park, BD Diagnostics, Upstate Biotech, Adenosine Therapeutics, MDS Proteomics.

- Over 47 different companies have hosted BTP trainee externships

Individual Development Plan
- each trainee develops an Individual Development Plan (IDP) using the
myIDP template and supporting materials provided by AAAS

  1. -career development needs crystallized by this process should be discussed with at least one of your mentors

  2. -we hold a yearly myIDP workshop in the Fall with Amy Clobes (Director of Professional Development, Office of Graduate and Postdoctoral Affairs)

Leadership Skills
- trainees assume a
leadership role (organization of an annual community service event, seminars, symposia, newsletter editor, company tour, industrial Q&A panel)

Mentoring Institute
- the Institute is a formalized mentoring program through which STEM faculty and doctoral student are paired based on a number of variables reported through an application process.

- Eligible trainees will be strongly encouraged to apply and will benefit from interactions with faculty mentors from other disciplines

Mentoring Team
Having a team on your side is important.  Comprising the core team is your ‘major mentor’ and dissertation committee.  Other mentoring is provided by:

  1. -a BTP mentor in another field (‘minor mentor’)

  2. -the PI of the BTP

  3. -the BTP’s Mary Hall

  4. -some trainees may benefit from supplemental mentoring by a faculty member outside the BTP and field (‘Mentoring Institute’)

Networking and Career Mentoring with BTP Grads
- the BTP is fortunate to have a cadre of graduates who remain engaged in the activities and progress of the BTP

  1. -many have participated in career panels, or otherwise provided some tangible benefit to current trainees

  2. -BTP graduates are available for advice

Presentation Skills
- trainees share data in monthly
BTP Journal Club/Research in Progress sessions

The Mentoring Institute
Career Development, Office of Graduate and Postdoctoral Affairs
Alumni Career Services - UVa

Video - iBiology:
The SARcode Story: How to build a biotech company
‘Planning Your Scientific Journey’


Professional Development Offerings