The Blue Ridge Tuberculosis Sanatorium

Mission Statement:

Our vision is to encourage a comprehensive, feasbile and attractive redevelopment of the Blue Ridge Tuberculosis Sanatorium site that takes advantage of the existing historic buildings on the site. We believe that this rolling site, once the home of the Commonwealth of Virginia's premier tuberculosis sanatorium, can be reborn as an architecturally, culturally and historically rich research park. By adaptively reusing key historic buildings, preserving unique landscape features and adding complementary new space, the development could produce a distinguished, financially successful product. The local community will benefit, too, as significant site in local and state history will be infused with new life and meaning.

Historic Poster, approx. 1940s

Postcard of the Blue Ridge Tuberculosis Sanatorium


The purpose of this site is to document and archive the work of the University of Virginia-School of Architecture, Architectural History 592/594 Course - the Community History Workshop. The website is to be used for educational purposes for those interested in Charlottesville history and the architectural legacy of disease upon a culture.

The Community History Workshop allowed students an in-depth historical analysis of the architecture, urban form, and planning of a selected community (in this case, the Blue Ridge Sanatorium). The course focused on the historical significance of the built landscape as an element in, and an expression of, the social and cultural life of the community.


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