Broadband rotational spectroscopy at the University of Virginia Chemistry, instrument development, and astrochemistry.
  • Water heptamer
    Water heptamer Our study on the structure of the water heptamer has been featured as a Frontiers article in Vol. 571 of Chem. Phys. Letters. Using the thorough theoretical and experimental analysis of the heptamer structure as a motivating example, this Frontiers letter summarizes many of the significant improvements to the low-frequency chirped pulse techniques, both instrumentational and analytical, used here at UVa.
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    CP-FTmmW Spectrometer A new paper in JMS (doi: j.jms.2012.07.015) describes our new CP-FTmmW spectrometer, capable of acquiring broadband spectra from 260-290 GHz at room temperature. Recent developments in detection and waveform generation technology has enabled video-rate, real-time spectral acquisition and coherent averaging.
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    E-cyanomethanimine detection in Sgr B2(N) A new paper in Astrophys. J. Lett. (Vol 765, p. L10) describes our new detection of the prebiotic molecule E-cyanomethanimine, suggested to be an important precursor of adenine, using the freely available GBT PRIMOS survey data.
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