Cyber-enabled Spectroscopy Broadband spectroscopy for the public
In early 2013, we plan to unveil a web framework enabling access to our CP-FTMW instrument for the general research and academic public. Interested parties will be able to apply for time and acquire a broadband CP-FTMW spectrum of the molecule or molecular system of their choice. Capabilities of this instrument include:

• Frequency coverage from 2-40 GHz with no gaps (18-26 GHz coming soon).
• A selection of experimental setups, including supersonic expansion of gas samples (up to 5 pulsed nozzles for typical experiments), volatile liquid vapors (via use of heated “reservoir” nozzles), and laser ablation for solid samples.
• Stark effect measurements
• MW-MW double resonance
• Pulsed DC discharge experiments (see OSU talk 2011 WF01; 2012 RF08/RF10 for examples)
• Deep averaging for weakly intense and/or low abundance species or molecular clusters (>1 million FID averages)

Initially the spectrometer will be controlled locally, but plans are in place to automate most of the function of the instrument remotely through the job interface. This will include remote oscilloscope and AWG control, as well as some of the important timing/delay settings. The oscilloscope display will be available either via webcam or through a remote interface, as well.

In terms of data analysis, initially we will be providing assistance and documentation to those unfamiliar with the typical library of software used for rotational spectroscopy, most of which will be available on this website. However, our ultimate goal is to provide an integrated suite of programs that will enable assignment and analysis of broadband data within a single program. Features will include essential data work-up routines; spectrum viewing, analysis and prediction; Kraitchman analysis; and a catalogue of previously published spectroscopic data for fast evaluation and comparison of data.

For the first phase, we plan to offer an online framework for project proposal submission, and a secure system for data storage and retrieval. There will be an on-site storage solution, with secure access made available to project groups. A cloud storage redundancy might potentially be added later in the developmental phase.
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