Group Members Current & Former

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 Dr. Cristóbal Pérez

  Post-doctoral Researcher
  B.S. Chemistry, Universidad de Valladolid, 2004
  Ph.D. Chemistry, Universidad de Valladolid, 2011

 Dr. Simon Lobsiger

  Post-doctoral Researcher
  Ph.D. Chemistry, Universität Bern, 2012

 Dr. Luca Evangelisti

  Post-doctoral Researcher
  Ph.D. Chemistry, Universita di Bologna

 Amanda Steber

  Fourth-year graduate student
  B.S. Chemistry; B.S. Biology, Eastern Illinois University, 2009

 Brent Harris

  Fourth-year graduate student
  B.S. Chemistry, University of Missouri, 2002
  M.S. Chemistry, University of Arizona, 2010

 Nathan Seifert

  Third-year graduate student
  B.A. Chemistry, Amherst College, 2010

Graduate Students:

Dr. Daniel Zaleski

Ph.D. Chemistry, 2013
Currently: "funemployed", then post-doctoral fellowship at Newcastle University, UK.

Matt Muckle

M.S. Chemistry, 2012
Currently: Project manager at BrightSpec

Dr. Justin Neill

Ph.D. Chemistry, 2011
Currently: Research scientist at BrightSpec

Dr. Gordon Brown

Ph.D. Chemistry, 2007
Currently: Assistant Professor at Coker College, Dept. of Chemistry

Dr. Kevin Douglass

Ph.D. Chemistry, 2007
Currently: Research Chemist, Radiation & Biomolecular Physics Division, NIST Gaithersburg

Postdoctoral Researchers:

Dr. Steven Shipman

Ph.D. Chemistry, UC Berkeley, 2005
Currently: Assistant Professor at New College of Florida, Division of Natural Sciences

Dr. Brian Dian

Ph.D. Chemistry, Purdue, 2003
Currently: Assistant Professor at Purdue University, Dept. of Chemistry

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