Brain Map

L3F A1-A6 glia sensory motor inter

7 up; central; posterior ch vada? similar to #2 but extends all the way to single point of termination at about T3   5HT coma    


-some have downward growth and others don't, 2 different neurons?

  elav-a5-flipped image

a3 elav 15h moving yy-sn1


a3 elav 3h moving yy-sn64

a3 elav 3h moving yy-sn195


a3 elav 3h unmoving yy-sn207


a6   elav-a4

a5 elav 3h moving yy-sn97

a5 elav 3h moving yy-sn67


a5 elav 3h moving yy-sn164


a5 elav 3h unmoving yy-sn199

a4   a2 elav bc

a2 cha 5h moving yy



a2 cha 5h moving yy

a2 elav 3h moving yyy-sn177

a2 cha 2.5h unmoving yy-sn232


a6   elav a6 bc

a5 cha 13h(g) moving yy83


elav a6 bc







a5   elav-a4-flipped image

a4 cha 3h unmoving yy-sn200


a4/a4 cha 3h moving yy-sn92

a4 elav 3h unmoving yy-sn206


a4 elav 3h moving yy-sn108

a4 elav 3h moving yy-sn180

a3 elav 3h unmoving yy-sn145

a3 elav 3h unmoving yy-sn150


a3 elav 3h unmoving yy-sn148

a1   elav-a4-flipped image

a1 cha 5h moving yy31


a1 elav 3h unmoving yy-sn130

a1 cha 3h unmoving yy-sn197

t3 cha 3h moving yy-sn120

a5   elav-a6

a7 cha 3h moving yy-sn124

a1   cha-a3-flipped image

a4 elav 3h moving yy-sn15


a4 elav 3h unmoving yy-sn133

a5 elav 3h moving yy-sn62


a2 elav 3h moving yy-sn14




a4 cha 3h moving yy14





a4   cha-a5

a5 elav 3h moving yy-sn115

a5 cha    

a4 cha 3h unmoving yy-sn207

a4 elav 3h unmoving yy-sn47

a4 elav 3h moving yy-sn85

a4 cha 5h moving yy34


a4 cha 5h moving yy30







a7 cha 4h unmoving yy21

a7 cha 3h moving yy-sn121


a7 cha 5h unmoving yy51


a7 cha 7h moving 71


a7 cha 7h unmoving yy74


a7 cha 3h moving yy-sn140


a7 elav 3h moving yy-sn109


a7 elav 3h moving yy-sn112


a6 cha 3h moving yy-sn127




a7 cha 5h unmoving yy?/40






cha 13h(g) moving yy84


a7 cha 13h(g) moving yy85

    elav-a2-flipped image      
    elav-a3-flipped image      

a5 elav 3h unmoving yy-sn54


a6 elav 3h unmoving yy-sn57


a6 cha 3h unmoving yy-sn194

a6 elav 3h moving yy-sn182


a6 cha 2.5h moving yy-sn223


a6 cha 3h moving yy-sn94


a7 elav 3h moving yy-sn169


a8/a3 elav 3h unmoving yy-sn203