The University of Virginia at the Thomas Jefferson National Lab Free Electron Laser Facility

The Center for Molecular, Atomic, and Optical Physics at the University, in cooperation with the Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility and the National Science Foundation through the IGERT program is actively involved in developing and performing chemical and physical experiments with the JLab FEL.  The FEL has a nominal average power output of 1 kWatt with three native repetition rates: 75 MHz, 37.5 MHz, and 18.75 MHz.  The laser can be operated in so-called "continuous" mode where the native repetition rate of the laser is output to the user in one of the six user labs at the FEL facility.  Or, the laser can be run in "pulsed" modes in which the output stream of laser pulses is optically gated with rates ranging from as low as 2 Hz to several kHz and variable "windows" of several hundred nanoseconds to several milliseconds.  The FEL wavelength can be tuned from mid-IR to near-UV with 1 kWatt nominal power over most of that range.


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