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Laser safety is the responsibility of everyone in the lab. Remember that your actions not only affect you but also everyone within reach of the laser you are working with.

Common sense is one of the best tools you have to work with. On a regular basis, look at your workspace anew and make sure that you are working up to an acceptable safety standard.

  • Avoid clutter around lasers.
  • Remove or cover all unnecessary reflective surfaces near beam paths.
  • Always know where your beam paths are - including all backreflections.
  • Make proficient use of beam blocks, beam tubes and curtains.
  • Remove any jewelry or watches before working with laser beams.

Before you can work on your own in the CAMOS ultrafast facility, you should download, complete and give to your advisor this form: CAMOS Laser Safety Form.

Here is an excellent article on laser safety from Photonics Spectra.

For more information on laser safety you might want to consult this OSHA site. Or this from the Laser Institute of America. Or this page from Oklahoma State University.