30 Femtosecond Amplifier



The newest laser system in the CAMOS facility produces 1.2 mJ/pulse with less than 30 fs pulse durations at a wavelength of 800 nm and a repetition rate of 1 kHz.  A Spectra-Physics Millennia pumps a KM Labs Ti:Sapphire laser kit that seeds a custom amplifier, pumped by a Positive Light Evolution 30 solid-state laser.  The ultrashort amplifier incorporates a KM Labs stretcher-compressor kit with a custom built multiple pass amplifier constructed by researchers in the Jones group.  The multiple pass amplifier design is based roughly on the design of Backus et al. (Optics Letters 22, 156 (1997)).  The resulting laser pulses, the shortest available in this laboratory, are used for high-field studies of molecular dynamics and also investigation of high harmonic generation.