“This institution of my native state, the hobby of my old age, will be based on the illimitable freedom of the human mind, to explore and to expose every subject susceptible of it’s contemplation.”

Thomas Jefferson

Our research group employs experimental and theoretical engineering approaches to investigate chromatographic separation problems and develop new materials and processes for bioseparation applications. We are especially interested in studying the relationship between adsorbent characteristics, biomolecular structure, and mass transfer and in the optimization of process chromatography for the recovery, separation, and purification of biomolecules. Our current projects are sponsored by: NSF, Bio-Rad Laboratories, MedImmune, Ajinomoto, Merck & Co., Inc., Pfizer, Bristol-Myers Squibb, and the NIH Biotechnology Training Program at the University of Virginia.



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  1. Protein Chromatography: Process Development and Scale-Up, to order a copy go to the link: http://www.wiley.com/WileyCDA/WileyTitle/productCd-3527318194.html

  1. PREP2017 - 30th International Symposium on Preparative and Process Chromatography will be held in Philadelphia, PA, on July 16-19, 2017 at the Loews Philadelphia Hotel, chaired by Prof. Giorgio Carta, under the auspices of the University of Virginia. www.prepsymposium.org. The entire group will attend thanks to the generosity of the PREP2017 corporate sponsors.

  1. Carta Group alumnus Ernie X. Pérez Almodóvar (Ph.D. ’12) was named as a winner of the inaugural International Adsorption Society Award for Excellence in the Ph.D. Dissertation.  The award was created to provide recognition to exceptional young scientists or engineers who have performed original doctoral thesis work of outstanding quality, achievement, and impact in the area of adsorption, broadly defined.  The award consists of $1,000, a certificate citing the accomplishments of the recipient, and an allowance to attend the triennial International Conference on the Fundamentals of Adsorption (FOA) of the IAS and present the recipient’s research in a plenary session.  The award is given triennially, so represents the best dissertation over a three year period, not only the preceding year.

  1. Carta Group member Jason Reck was named the recipient of the inaugural Georges Guiochon Student Poster Award for his poster entitled “Adsorption Equilibrium and Kinetics of Monomer-Dimer Monoclonal Antibody Mixtures on a Cation Exchange Resin”, presented at the 2015 Washington Chromatography Discussion Group (WCDG) Open House & Poster Session on September 17, 2015. The award consists of flight, hotel, and registration to HPLC 2016 in San Francisco, a WCDG Certificate of Award and ceremony, and complimentary WCDG membership for the 2015-2016 program year.

  1. BioProcess International editor in chief, Anne Montgomery, interviewed Giorgio Carta, Lawrence R. Quarles Professor, Department of Chemical Engineering, University of Virginia at the BioProcess International Conference and Exposition in Boston, MA, in October 2015.

  2. Watch the full interview at the following link: http://www.bioprocessintl.com/sponsored-content/downstream-pro-giorgio-carta/

  1. SEAS Open House - The Carta Lab participated in the SEAS Open House held on March 19, 2016 with an exhibit on the use of chromatography for the purification of biotherapeutics. Yiran Wang also took a break from her own research and conducted a live protein chromatography demonstration which illustrated the separation of a mixture of three proteins by gradient elution. About 100 people visited our lab and learned about what we do and watched bands of colored proteins move through, spread, and become separated. Thanks to Yiran for organizing and conducting an informative demo.

  1. New Home for the Carta Lab - After more than 20 years in the basement of Thornton Hall A-Wing, the Bioseparations Engineering Laboratory has moved to renovated space in the Chemical Engineering Building. The new space provides a greatly improved research environment, as well as high-quality graduate student office space. We have also acquired new equipment, including four ÄKTA Pure 25 systems, a Waters UHPLC, and a biolayer interferometry instrument. The move was completed in January 2016.

  1. Short Course - The Carta Lab will offer its next Short Course in Protein Chromatography on May 14-19, 2017. The course is attended primarily by industry professionals who spend a week with us to learn about engineering fundamentals and measurements for process development and design. This is also a great opportunity to share the results of our research and facilitate translation of our fundamental work to industrial practice. Please see the “Short Course” tab above or http://faculty.virginia.edu/shortcourse/HomePage.html.

  1. SPICA 2016 - Prof. Carta is an invited keynote speaker at the 16th International Symposium on Preparative and Industrial Chromatography and Allied Techniques (SPICA) to be held in Vienna, Austria - October 9-12, 2016. He will present recent work from the lab dealing with unfolding and aggregation of proteins in chromatography columns. See http://www.ldorganisation.com/v2/produits.php?langue=english&cle_menus=1238916108&cle_data=1360153443&output=16

  1. Annual DuPont Safety Award - Arch Creasy was awarded the inaugural Annual DuPont Safety Award for 2016. Arch instituted numerous safety features into the new lab space in ChE using 6S principles he acquired during his internship. Some of the changes include: tubing from the AKTAs, HPLC, and UPLC going directly to waste bins, new magnetic labels for all drawers and cabinet space, ,and standardized techniques for disposing of filled waste containers. Congratulations Arch.

Arch Creasy (center) along with Prof. Gary Koenig (left), chair of the UVA ChE Safety Committee, and Dave Reichert (right) of DuPont