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Cancer Training Grant Symposium Poster Session

                This year we decided to have a different spin on the traditional poster presentations.  Instead of having the student/post-doctoral trainees present their work, we would like the Cancer Training Program/Wagner Fellowship faculty to present their trainees research.  The idea is to have each lab from the Cancer Training Program/Wagner Fellowship represented by at least one poster.  Since some labs have multiple trainees, multiple posters can be presented.  It is up to the discretion of the mentor to decide what work to present, but graduate students and post-doctoral trainees whose research is not presented by their mentor are encouraged to present their work as well.  Since some trainees have just started their research projects, a mentor is welcome to include other relevant work from their lab, although the focus of the poster should be on the current trainees’ work.  The poster design should be a collaborative effort between the trainees and the faculty, but by having presentations by the mentors this should encourage new perspectives and ideas to develop.

Why should faculty present a poster at this year’s Cancer Training Program Symposium?
It’s an opportunity to talk to the speakers from the symposium.
The best poster presentation wins a $ 100 gift certificate for a lab lunch.

Why should trainees encourage their mentors to present a poster?
You get a chance to hear how your research fits into the big picture.
The best poster presentation wins a $ 100 gift certificate for a lab lunch.
(Remember you can present your own work if it is not the focus of your mentor’s poster)

There will also be fabulous hors d'œuvres and wine available during the poster session!

Please register your poster at the Symposium website (

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Many thanks to the Glass House Winery for their support of the poster session.