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This area of the site will host material about the history of Central Chemical from its small-town agricultural beginnings, to changes inside the plant as it grew. In addition to historical material about Central Chemical, the Past section will have links to other student projects and resources relating to the industrial past of Hagerstown. The main purpose of the site is to assist members of the community in integrating all aspects of Central Chemical in Hagerstown into considerations about what steps to take in the present process, and to help generate investment and enthusiasm in the possibilities of the future.

HISTORY OF CENTRAL CHEM: A History of Central Chemical in Hagerstown
Read about the orgins of the DA Thomas Family business as it grew from a small multi-purpose agricultural business to a major industry in Hagerstown.

INSIDE THE PLANT: How Fertilzer was Made
Find out what Central Chemical made and how changes in the industry affected the equipment and buildings.

MORE RESOURCES : Projects and Histories
A central source for other Hagerstown industrial history projects including Moller Organ and Pangborn as well as public art projects and guidebooks designed to expand public interest.

FAQs:Frequently Asked Questions
When was the industrial boom in Hagerstown? How many courthouses has Washington County had? Answers to your questions about Hagerstown's Industrial HIstory.

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