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   More about Hagerstown's Industrial Past
The historical fabric of Hagerstown extends beyond the bounds of Central Chemical, and the potential for vital new ways to enjoy and learn from the past extends beyond a visit to the local museum. On this page, we have collected a number of projects and histories that we hope will invite a new understanding and curiousity about Hagerstown's Industrial History. Below are projects and guidebooks that use the industrial past in new ways, and under More Industrial Histories we have archived several in-depth studies of Hagerstown industries. Hagerstown History Resouces links to a few of the local organizations commited to history and preservation. The General Industrial History collects museums and collections of interest to Industrial History buffs.

Hagerstown's Industrial Rail Corridor: A Guidebook to Selected Factories 1890-1953 / Heather Massler:
This guidebook explores the buildings and histories of the industries that sprang up as a result of the Hagerstown's industrial boom, fueled by the arrival of the railroads. Industry Alley refers to a short section of North Prospect Street that parallels the rails and is home to approximately half of the sites documented. The guidebook covers seventeen sites some of which are still in operation.
Made in Hagerstown: Making an Industrial Landscape / Catherine Kahl:
My project consists of a plan for public art installations utilizing the industrial landscape, which includes materials products produced by some of Hagerstown's former and current factories as well as the machinery and tools used to make such products. The locations where the installations will be placed include areas surrounding industrial sites and also public spaces.
Moller Family Walking Tour + Map / Rebeccah Ballo:
The Moller History Walking Tour will show how the life and work of one man, M.P. Moller, shaped the urban and cultural fabric of the city. The centerpiece for the Moller History Walking Tour will be the large Moller factory located on North Prospect Street. From there, visitors will have the opportunity to use the guidebook to visit many other sites associated with M.P. Moller's life and business, from his residences, to the site of other Moller industrial works, to hotels, churches, cemeteries, and other sites of interest in the downtown.

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